Innovative Access Solutions, LLC has been producing OSHA friendly access products for more than a dozen years.  We started The Safety & Numbers blog as a resource for our customers and to provide meaningful information to the industry, upon observing a shortage of brief but powerful information related to occupational safety, work injury prevention, risk management and OSHA.

The Safety & Numbers blog will provide resources for three key audiences:

  • Business Owner/Operator:  Having read up at sites that provide long, detailed information, we believe these resources are great for a beginner or safety manager, but less effective for decision makers who just want the bottom line. 
  • Safety Management Staff:  We want to provide real-world information for individuals who have done their research and earned their stripes.  We will provide guides for common misconceptions, risk areas, and new developments.
  • Operations Managers: We’ll provide best practice reviews to help keep staff safe in transport, construction, mining, energy, and other industries.  We’ll also help ops teams set up programs to respond to and report injury claims. 

Thank you for visiting our blog, we truly hope our content is of value to you.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us, comment on a post, or share with friends and colleagues.

About Innovative Access Solutions, LLC

Innovative Access Solutions, LLC (IAS) is a producer of heavy duty aluminum ladders and custom access solutions.  IAS serves a wide spectrum of industries and companies as a workplace safety consultant and custom product developer. IAS  was formed in 1999 to produce and distribute ProStep and Trucker flatbed access products. Today, IAS provides safe and affordable truck trailer ladders, work platforms, marine ladders, and access solutions that support OSHA safety regulations at industrial facilities, dockyards, public settings and more.

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